Founding CEO for MetaPower

Posted: 6/28/2019

Location: Seattle area (preferred)

The successful candidate will lead a startup company and commercialize a unique proprietary metamaterials-based power beaming technology aimed at delivering electrical power directly where it is needed. Early market opportunities may include vertical segments such as providing power to a wide range of Industrial IOT sensors that could not otherwise use wired power. Later market opportunities may include providing higher levels of power for cameras, lights, tool, robotics and points of sale. In the future, this technology may be used for consumer applications.

With the continued support of ISF, the successful candidate will build on the existing business and product concepts to create a comprehensive and investible business plan. Additionally, the candidate will take advantage of a small team of engineers who have been engaged full-time on the project for three years, having pioneered the core technology and built proof of concept demonstrators. Armed with strong intellectual property created over the last decade and working capital, this opportunity provides the foundation for a successful independent company.

The successful candidate will have experience transitioning promising, in-development technology to the marketplace. The candidate should have a sufficient technical background to engage with the team on development and commercialization issues, and ideally should have experience in creating go-to-market strategies that access industrial and possibly government customer segments. With the strong support from ISF, the founder CEO will be responsible for raising the initial funding round (Series A) for MetaPower, and successfully spinning it out as an independent company.

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