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ISF incubates and accelerates the creation of new startups at Intellectual Ventures

We create disruptive companies by blending our unrivaled portfolio of homegrown intellectual property with working capital and visionary entrepreneurs. With state of the art in-house laboratories and experienced hands-on mentorship, we will help you build a successful business.

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What makes us different

Early engagement

We engage with passionate entrepreneurs that are interested in bringing innovative and disruptive products to market. We create new companies funded with working capital to be led by these select entrepreneurs with access to our wide portfolio of patents.

Tools for take-off

We are uniquely equipped to help entrepreneurs accelerate the building of product prototypes, gain early access to customers, take advantage of world-class executive mentoring, and access investors and capital to speedily launch startup companies.

Optimal Growth

Our operation style is to work closely with our portfolio companies and be proactive in providing help when needed. Our experienced team is available to provide mentorship, guidance, and advice on topics ranging from product design, business plans, pricing strategy, recruiting the team, fundraising and marketing.

We ’ve got labs

The types of technologies and companies that we are interested in creating are
early-stage and game-changing. At ISF Incubator, we seek to launch very-early stage companies based on our intellectual property and led by visionary founders.

What we look for

We seek self-starting entrepreneurs that are capable of building their own product and business in core new technologies or new industries. We engage with entrepreneurs that understand the importance of building a long-term sustainable solid business based on new products, customers, and revenue.

Janice is Senior Director of Business Development and Investor Relations. Her passion is to work with entrepreneurs to turn inventions into companies with great products. Janice is also responsible for investor relationships across the company.

Janice Kary

Jerome is the head of Asia business development and vice president of operations, where he oversees international investment and development. He has a passion to build successful startups and strong partnerships in emerging tech hot spots, and has fostered deep relationships with entrepreneurs and investors throughout Asia.

Jerome Hewlett

Volha is the senior business development manager and focuses on finding strong entrepreneurs to bring disruptive technology to market. As a former startup founder, Volha is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build successful companies and is dedicated to mentoring women in the startup community.

Volha Hrechka

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